Yumeiro Patissiere and lots of other stuff!


OH MY FLIPPIN GAWD. So I just finished the final episodes of Maid Sama and Yumeiro Patissiere!!!!! Okay, first about Maid Sama: It was so cute! They both compete in a couple’s event and the Prez finally admits to Usui and herself that she loves him! Awwwwww… too bad it ended!!!!

2nd, YUMEIRO: okay, i cannot stop flipping out over this. It was a complete miracle that Amano won, but no suprise since we all knew that she had to be some sort of genius because of her grandmother. Henri-sensei was NOT the jerk that he acted to be in ep49, which was something I knew the whole time. ;) BUT THEN, the end, after the credits, just KILLED ME!!!! wahhhhhhh, Kashino and Amano are by the river and…. OMGEEEEEEEE… AH, can’t wait for season 2!!! Coming out Oct.4th :D

King Of Baking Kim Tak Gu: Okay, so this one is about bread and how one generation totally screws thingd up and the 2nd generation has to deal with the consequences… and how letting go of your 1st love isn’t easy, but possible.. Although the ending was really rushed… Yoon Shi Yoon did SUCH a good job in this movie!!! (not to mention looks.. hehe) except Eugene had to play this evil part in the middle, then turned kinda good in the end…

well, thanks for reading another rant from 2win! :]

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