Okay, well, this is kinda not nice, and I know this place is for kdrama/kpop, but I’m sorry, I have to be faithful, and besides, this is just too funny. So, this kid in Chicago named C.T. (named I’ve protected), age 14, successfully moved a very popular Vietnamese Freedom Movement website behind the giants of Google and Amazon. The past year, especially the past few weeks, the website had been under attack by the Veitnamese (and Chinese) hackers, paid by the Communist governments obviously. The website had moved from country to country, looking for a server that was strong enough to protect the site, but in England, the States, and other countries, the site was still being hacked in major numbers, forcing the servers to shut down the site or move it to a black hole. Then here along comes C.T, his 14 year old self, his iphone (sometimes MacBook), and his smartness on computers and servers. Having built himself his own server in Florida (while living in Chicago), he moved DCVOnline there for awhile, then moved it behind the giants. haha, just, ya know, lol

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