Dream High ep14, 15

OHMIGODOHMIGODOHMIGOD!!!!!!!!!! Alright, this gets good. So, i may have skipped an episode, but we had Jinguk get into legal trouble for hitting his company’s CEO. However, (we all knew this) he didn’t hit for no reason. Quite interestingly, the drama allows portrayal of female stars being abused (guessed it? Baekhee, so Jinguk hit the guy). Baekhee fesses up, so now everything is kinda claer, but still, media’s got it big on them both now. AHHHH, JASON and PILSUK!!!!! dude… turns out… it’s how we always knew it would be. *dies*

*comesback to life* AND!!!!! Hyemi’s dad comes back, and offers to bring the whole fam to the States. WOAH THERE COWBOY. WOAH. uhhhh, I don’t want Hyemi going anywhere, and turns out, neither does anyone else. Samdong asks her to stay, and Jinguk says to think it VERRRYYYY carefully. What does she decide?? mwahahaha, sorry, you guys will just have to watch it, or read at http://www.dramabeans.com

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