END of My Princess (ep15, 16)

END?! Awww…. Well, so the Chairmain passes away, leaving things out of control. Dan gets blocked from leaving the country, accounts frozen, so basically, start from scratch noona. I’m sorry, but that’s what you get. Yoonju quit her job at Daehan Construction (her ego wouldn’t allow it) But you’re all asking… was that really Mr. P who caught her at then end? Is he here for real?? YES HE IS!!!! He’s back fo sho!!! XD And of course, our princess orders him to stay 50cms within her. Pwahahaha. They go on cute dates, he teaches her driving, and secretly signs an agreement to donate his inheritance to the monarchy if the vote allows it. So we end ep 15 with 1.vote results show, but we don’t see them 2.we come back 2 years later seeing Seul ride a bike to school…. WHAT???

Haha, no worries, ep16 assures us that what we feared would not happen. She rides to school everyday, with her bodyguards chasing after her everyday. LOL. Haeyoung has been off being the diplomat for her, and Yoonju is her professor now (YUCK). Jungwoo and Yoonju are cool now (NOOOO, WHY????? I was hoping for a single Jungwoo) Lalalala, the story goes on, and her birthday arrives. ;) Ohhhlala. But. No signs of a Happy Birthday from MrP nor a gift from him. But of course, he’s princechaebol charming. He shows up later with a happy birthday and…. A RING!!! of course, she’s NOT supposed to know, but she finds out anyways….. umm, i’ll let you guys watch/ read the rest. :D

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