Heartstrings/You’ve Fallen for Me Ep 1 and 2 Summary

SOOOO, we’re back with Jung Yong Hwa as Lee Shin and Park Shin Hye as Lee Kyu Won. I’m sure you’ve all heard it, Shin’s the cold-hearted one and Kyu Won is the nice one. Yeah, he’s the rocker, and yes, she’s the traditional one.

We start off the episode with the two of them headed for Jeju Island, Kyu Won with her Grandfather to attend his seminar of some sort and Shin… well, we’re not sure why, drama doesn’t explain much as to why he’s here. Sightseeing I guess? Well, they get some path corssing but they don’t think of it any. We go back to Seoul, and find that Shin is part of The Stupid, along with KANG MIN HYUK OMFG WAHHHH!!!!! XDDDD He’s drummer Yoon Joon Hee, and his alter ego is the bumbling poet who is never satisfied with how much he’s eaten. (aka, 24/7 hunt for food)

Kang Min Hyuk in Heartstrings

So, lalala (this is just summary), Gyu Won at first wonders how girls keep swooning about Shin. When she asks Joon Hee if The Stupid can perform at her charity concert for the traditional music professer, he says yes, and Shin is stuck into this… at last, he can’t keep his promise of showing up due to his sister being hospitalized, and Gyu Won has to step in and sing his part when the band plays. It’s really good, but the fangirls are like, >:O and stuff. Gyu Won’s like, PO’ed, but she runs off to the hopital to deliver the money for treatment, but it’s too late. She extremely upset, and the next day, when Shin interrupts her to give her back the money she had paid the band, she turns her anger on him. This, of course, leads to bickering and the two end up in a bet. Competition is the better word for it. The Stupid versus the Wildflower group/ new versus traditional. The one who loses (they’ll play for an open audience at the school, those who watch will decide in the end who they like better by putting a sticker under the name of the group on a board) will be the other’s ‘slave’ for a month. Honestly, I like this. And even though I want Gyu Won to win, I can totally tell where this is going. (not gonna say in case some people don’t get it) But anyways… (brb, gotta watch some more, lol)

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