Rant on Crazy, Over-the-Top- Fangirls

Okay, so we’re all fangirls (or fanboys, I know some fanboys, they’re really cool, lol) here. But to what an extent are you a fangirl? Sure, we squeal in front of the computer whenever we see our biases or OTPs, fan our faces and jump up and down, collect cd’s and/or posters and/or just their songs electronically (for those who are under the unfortunate watch of their asian parents, who never approve of such ‘silliness’); cry when we attend concerts, nearly faint when we attend fan-signings, and go out of our way to pretty much stalk them. But the thing is, we gotta leave them room and all, respect their personal lives, and respect their TIME. Their precious FREE TIME. I mean, geezus, if you’re a hallyu star flying constantly from Korea to Japan, to Singapore, back to Korea, to Thailand, back to Korea, etc, wouldn’t you just be like *DEADTIRED*?! I for sure know I would. As much as I love travel, I wouldn’t wanna board a plane to Singapore, just to fly back to Korea the next day, or whatever it is. So, it’s only natural that our beloved stars would want to rest during their free time. But then there are these sites that they work hard to update, such as Facebook, me2day, and UFO Town, just to please us fans. We should be thankful enough that they even bother to reply to our UFOs, that they even bother to post selcas on Twitter or me2day, that they even bother to post anything on Facebook (I swear, that place takes up the most time). They really should be spending all that time asleep, I mean, have you SEEN the bags under SHINee’s Taemin’s eyes?!

Taemin @ Together for Africa 

I mean, what the heck?! Not even makeup, which I’m sure the cordi Unnies and Key sunbae have made sure to put on Taemin sunbae, is covering those bags! And Key sunbae himself! SHINee has been looking so worn out these days… Anyways, then I saw some UFO posts, and I’m thinking, you fangirls, really?! I’m sure they don’t really care about you going to the dentist, or you going to school, or you staying up late to talk to them (they never asked you to do so…) or all that. I mean, UFO Town is NOT your diary for them to read and reply to! C’mom, if they wanted to know about your life, they’d have friended you on Facebook or find your number to text you. Seriously, as a fan who actually looks upon them as human beings who possess extremely amazing talents (and NOT some gods or whatever), I would send them messages relating to their health, their well being. I’d encourage them, and totally NOT pressure them into making a huge, grand, mind-blowing comeback. I mean, every star/group wants their comebacks to be amazing, but it’s just pressure to have fans keep talking and asking them about it. But like, seriously, “Oppa, I’m going to the dentist tomorrow… I don’t really want to go…” WTF. How are they supposed to answer to that? What, “Oh, don’t worry, just think of Oppa.”

Like, really?! LAME. And STUPID. No one wants to know hon’.  Or, this is my favorite. “Oppa, I’m so sleepy staying up to talk to you. Are you sleeping?” REALLY?! I swear, that’s like, just, omo, I don’t even have words. If I were them, I’d be like “Gurl, I didn’t even ask for you to stay up to talk to me. And if I’m answering this, does it mean I’m sleeping?!”… But then that’d ruin their image… See what you over-doing-it fangirls are doing? Putting our stars into tight spots like that. *sigh* Whatever. DON’T get me started on the “Oppa” part too. I understand, Oppa is a title of respect meaning ‘older brother’, true… But still, I find the ring to it.. a bit.. I mean, they’re not really your older brother, and true, our generation these days uses Oppa to call our boyfriends as well, which is probably part of the reason why fangirls call male idols Oppa as well. But, as for me, who respects the music industry and practices music as well, I call them sunbae. It doesn’t matter that I’m not in SM, JYP, J.Tune, YG,  Cube, or etc, I respect them that way.  It kinda sickens me when I hear crowds or fangirls screaming oppa. I don’t know why. Just an opinion of mine. Just like this whole post has been my opinion, and living in the States, we’re all free to have our own opinions… 

 Well, thanks for reading, haha, if you even managed to get this far. :D <3

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  1. I am so worried about SHINee today. Ever since the whole being mobbed thing and Jonghyun having to get surgery because of crazed fans, i have been worried for there life. They are just normal human being trying to make a living doing what they love. Fans and SM just seem to be pushing them over the edge. Its sad and they need a rest.

    • I know, right? It’s getting rediculous, and I get so upset when things happen like that. Yes, I agree, they’re just like us, persuing their dreams and being successful at it, and obessive fangirls only make it harder. GOSH. But anyways, thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! I really appreciate it :D

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