Korean Honorifics and usage, lol…

So I was bored and went back to read my older posts and stuff… when I noticed that I’ve addressed some older females as “noona”. XD [/facepalm] I’m a GIRL. So it should be “unnie” or “sunbaenim” XD TROLOLOLOL. And then sometimes, I want to call older males “hyung” XD Hahahaha, this is a sign that I’ve been spending too much time listening to male artists ^ㅂ^. So yeah, if you ever see my use “noona” or “hyung”… just remember, it’s prolly just me making a mistake. I’m a girl. Yes. I mean, shouldn’t be too hard, considering this place is themed pink…


And, btw, it’s been so longgggg, haha, since I’ve done ANYTHING. I really need to update stuff, and add to my SHINee page. :O I’ll work hard..

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