4.Korean Drama Listings

Okay, this is just a list of what I’ve watched so far.. there are better lists at www.mysoju.com, the DramaWiki, www.watchanimeon.com,  www.viikii.com, www.epdrama.com www.dramacrazy.com (this one has lots!) and www.dramafever.com . You can also watch the dramas there too. :) (btw, they’re not in any certain order) Click on the drama name for a list of cast, a picture, and a synopsis! Also, check out www.dramabeans.com  and koalasplayground.com for their wonderful summaries (useful when you’re short on time) and updates!

Ones that I’m currently watching

Lie To Me

Best Love

Romance Town (watch on mysoju or epdrama)

Goodbye Mrs. Ripley (watch on mysoju)

Manny (watch on epdrama or mysoju)

***(Cause they’re that special)

49 Days (watch on youtube or mysoju or dramafever)

Dream High  (watch on youtube or mysoju)

Stars Taecyeon and Wooyoung from 2PM, Suzy from MissA, IU, Eun Jung from T-ara, and Kim Soo Hyun; These six compete their way through Kirin High School. Taec, Suzy, IU and Soo Hyun being in the “Special Class”, they have much more to work on and much more to prove to the others that they ARE worth something. Eun Jung and Wooyoung are also special students, but are put into fame before the other four. Former besties (until one made it in, and the other failed it and was called 3rd rated) Suzy and Eun Jung learn many lessons about friendship and competition, and are probably the two fiercest competitors between the regular students and Special Class. It sounds boring the way I put it, but if you like kpop OR high school dramas OR rom-com OR alll…. this is all. :)

My Princess  (watch on youtube or mysoju)

WHAT?! I’m a princess? Nahhhh, you kid! …… Wait, you’re being serious? Well then, I guess I just gotta step up and be the princess/queen my father would be proud of! LOL, this is pretty much what goes on for the first few episodes in Lee Seol, played by Kim Tae Hee. Song Seung Hun plays Mr. P (Park Hae Young), who is in charge of making sure the princess is secured her throne… thing is, Grandaddy wants to donate their fortune to the public (thus the Princess), so Hae Young isn’t too keen to be on her side. Guess what. He isn’t. At least, he THINKS he isn’t… pwahahaha, yeahhh, we all know how this is gonna end. But with two names Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Hun, you wouldn’t turn this down, right?

1. You’re Beautiful (watch on youtube or mysoju)

Omg!!!! The main guys are so hottt, and it’s such a cute story. Park Shin Hye plays the role of both Go Mi Nam and Go Mi Nyu… About a korean boy band A.N.Jell, and the new memeber, GoMiNam. My favorite actors from this movie are Jung Yong Hwa, and Lee Hong Ki.

2. Boys Over Flowers (watch on youtube or mysoju)

Haha, this is really popular, so you may already know this one. It’s the typical highschool love story, just with a sort of twist to it. Ahhhhhh, Kim Bum!!! and Min Ho… ;) such hotties.

3. Creating Destiny (watch on youtube or viikii) ***SPECIAL THANKS TO HJiJu71 on Youtube for posting almost all of CD, all while in university***

Eugene and Ki Tae Young make a great couple in this one. Eugene wants to marry an American and move to Boston to move on with her career of being a lawyer. Her dad wants her to go back to Korea and marry Ki Tae Young. They both agree that they won’t marry… but of course, this is a drama… ;) episode 23 is really cute, and Tae Young oppa looks kinda.. hot.. x]

4 .Personal Preference (watch on youtube)

LMAO, this is something that will crack you up… Gay or straight? Min Ho plays the main character… eh, but the ending wasn’t how I would’ve liked it to be…

5. Save Your Last Dance For Me (watch on youtube or mysoju)

This is a really sad, but then sweet drama. The guy looses his memory, but then recovers it with the help of his first love… along the way, he meets the guy who tries to murder him for the company. BUT, the murderer hits the wrong person… and it’s the love of both guys… D:

6. The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (watch on youtube or mysoju)

OMG, so… it’s Gong Yoo!!! and how he learns to do coffee business, and then falls in love… with a guy?!!!!!!! AHAHA, no. Eun Hye plays the lead FEMALE character.. but there’s a bit of a twist, kinda like You’re Beautiful. ^^

7. Hello My Teacher! (or Biscut Teacher and Sugar Candy) (watch on youtube or mysoju)

Highschool. Bad students. Fun teacher. And what do you get???? Love, and verry funny incidents. xDDDDD haha, too hilarious to tell anything else. (plus, there’s Gong Yoo… tehehe)

8. Pasta (watch on youtube or mysoju)

So the teacher from Hello My Teacher and the neighbor/cousin from Coffee Prince play the leads in this one. There’s also lots of cooking pasta, so it’ll make you very hungry! Mmm, a love story, and a fight to be the best Chef in Korea. In the kitchen, we have the chefs from Italy vs. the chefs from Korea. Dundundun!

9. Prosecutor Princess (watch on mysoju or youtube)

WAH, this drama is so CUTE and well written, i think i died watching it and was resurrected to write this. XD but no kidding, it was that cute. So Ma Hye Ri is forced by her dad to be a prosecutor, but it’s no big deal for her since she’s got an IQ of 128 and a remarkable memory. Then there’s Seo In Woo (*faints*), whose lookin pretty fine, that studied in America to become a lawyer, but took the Korean Bar exam. Hye Ri is at first VERY girly and a shopoholic, her sense of understanding too literal, but thanks to In Woo and the other prosecutors, she learns what true love is and what a good prosecutor should be like. As you can see from this paragraph, i totally loved it. :D

10. Okay, there’s this kdrama that’s set in historic times about a young girl growing up in the palace to be a cook and doctor. It’s very famous, but I don’t know the name or where one can watch it.. help?

11. King Of Baking Kim Tak Gu (watch on mysoju)

This drama’s about bread and the mistakes of one generation carrying on the the next. Romance and power-lovers, heartbreak and sincere kindness. Yoon Shi Yoon, Eugene, and the others do such a great job!!! Although the ending was kinda rushed, the rest of the drama was great. The wife of the president of Geosung Foods Company is being pressured to have a boy for an heir, but she can only have girls with him. So she then has a boy with the Manager at Geosung (a la BFF with the president too) and she lies about the father. HOWEVER, before she had the boy, a maid in the household has Kim Tak Gu with the president… You see how the whole drama starts from there… So lalalala, INTENSE story goes on, but its too much to write here. 12 years later, Tak Gu is grown up (Yoon Shi Yoon and his fine looking self) and determines to be the King of Baking [bread]. With his genius sense of smell and education up to 5/6th grade, he struggles through everything thrown towards him. Oh the usual, murder plots, plots to kill his sense of smell, etc. Not to mention he finds that his first love suddenly leaves him for his “stepbrother” without saying a word… (she had told him she loved him a few days before)…

12. Fugitive: Plan B (aka Runaway) (watch on mysoju or youtube)

Omgeee, well for one, this drama has Bi Rain. Yeah, enough said, right? ;) On top of that, it’s an action/suspense/comedy/romance drama, which combines all of my favorite genres. (yeah, I know, I like action and I’m a girl. But hey, it’s not weird.) So, aside from the summary that our lovely DramaWiki gives us, this drama is very “James Bond”, quoted from DramaBeans. (I suggest you guys read her stuff, it’s good.. stuff.. I love her summaries and when I don’t have time to watch drama, I read) ANYHOO, Bi Rain is a private international detective that detects for big money. Like, serious money, enough to have the best technology, better than the U.S. President himself. A girl named Jinny is the heir of a big estate, and from a family that was part of a gold deal backduring the Korean War. The gold was lost. Jinny has the key to finding it. What was is it? She doesn’t know, but someone else does. Melgidick/Melitick. (It’s been used both ways in the drama). This Melgidick is after the gold, AND the evidence that they took it, so they murder… you guessed it, all of Jinny’s family and now are after Jinny herself.  Jinny trusts no one, except MAYBE her boyfriend. She hires Bi Rain anyways (named Ji Woo). So lalalala, action, lalala, mystery, lalala, you can prolly guess what the romance is about.

There’s lots more, but I’m short on time…

  1. you can also find some on drama fever (i think only the first 6)

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