For someone who will never be forgotten

Together Forever

-by 2Win

I never thought we’d be together,
And I hope we’ll be by each other forever.
You’ve become the light in my life.
You give me love,
You give me happiness,
And forever I will be grateful of you.

I’m always thinking of you
During times we’re not together.
I live off your happiness,
And hope you can provide it forever.
Just as I will always give you my love,
And always keep you in my life.

Nothing else matters in my life
Whenever I’m with you.
You’d smile that smile I love
Whenever we’re together.
And I hope this is true forever,
That all our memories are filled with happiness.

Do I give you happiness?
Am I also the light in your life?
Do you want to be with me forever?
Do you think of me, as I think of you,
Whenever we’re not together?
Am I the one you love?

My world is filled with happiness
Since you’ve entered my life.
And hopefully you will stay forever.
It’s thanks to you
That we’re now together,
Because you were braver than me to show your love.

You’re the one I love.
You’re the one who holds my happiness.
I’m thankful we’re together.
You’ve become my life;
I’ll only love you.
Always and forever.

I hope we will be together forever,
And live a life full of love,
And filled with happiness. (I love you!)

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