Let Me Hear Your Voice- Big Bang English Lyrics

Just Let Me Hear Your Voice

Lyrics by: Lisa Tang

Ohhh… Lalala… Ohhh… Ohhh…

I still remember very clearly just what it used to be like
I just can’t seem to erase these images in my head
Can’t you tell me just what do I need to do
To let you find a way to my heart (my heart)?

When I wake up each morning, I still see traces of you
Every day, I still pray that I will see you once again
Am I in a dream? Should I let go? Should I keep this pain to myself?

My mind tells me what to do (what to do), but then my heart says (but then my heart says)
How can I give up just like that and not fight?
For something inside tells me if I…if I keep trying, you’ll come back one day

I just wanna hear your voice (2nd time: Yeah…)
I miss how it used to call my name
I miss the music it once made
You are still the one in my heart (2nd time: Missing you, baby girl)
Just let me hear your voice
Just one more time is all that I need
Because I believe that you still care (2nd time: Oh…)
If you just take one step, you’ll see there is still hope for us

Thinking back to the first time that I had ever met you
My heart was pounding so hard, I thought I was going to faint
I was captured by you from merely one look
I wondered if you also felt the same way (same way)

I just don’t know what happened and what has come between us
But I will do my best to get back my one true love
I will not give up even though it will be tough because I still love you so much

Don’t care what others may think (what others may think); just believe in me (just believe in me)
Just listen to what your heart is telling you
And come back to where you belong, which is right here next to my side

I just wanna hear your voice
I just wanna feel your heartbeat again
And I just wanna feel your sweet breath
Knowing that I’m still in your heart
Just let me hear your voice
It’s the only thing that I need
I can’t help but think that you still love me
If you could just find it in your heart, please give me one more chance

Yeah, since you went away, hasn’t been the same
In my heart, all I got is pain
Could it be that I play the game?
To lose you, I can’t maintain
Sunlight, moonlight, you lit my life
Realize in the night while love shines bright
Can’t let you go; we were meant for forever, baby, let me know

Days passed without you, can’t forget you
Letting me be the cloud hanging above me
Raining on me, missing your touch
Nights get longer and it’s hard to clutch
We’re apart, breaks my heart
It’s all for the best, girl; you’re my world
In time, my love unfurls
Till then, wait for you, girl

Repeat Chorus 1

(NOTE: Kept the original English rap ^^)


thanks to: http://wackycashew.wordpress.com/2009/11/18/big-bang-koe-wo-kikasete-let-me-hear-your-voice-english-version/

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