Ki Tae Young and Eugene in Paris!

On their European honeymoon, the couple was spotted in Paris! Dawww, so cute, omg. [/fangirling] <3 Don't they look like they'r shooting an advertisement for couples in Paris? haha, omg. <3

Rant on Crazy, Over-the-Top- Fangirls

Okay, so we’re all fangirls (or fanboys, I know some fanboys, they’re really cool, lol) here. But to what an extent are you a fangirl? Sure, we squeal in front of the computer whenever we see our biases or OTPs, fan our faces and jump up and down, collect cd’s and/or posters and/or just their songs electronically (for those who are under the unfortunate watch of their asian parents, who never approve of such ‘silliness’); cry when we attend concerts, nearly faint when we attend fan-signings, and go out of our way to pretty much stalk them. But the thing is, we gotta leave them room and all, respect their personal lives, and respect their TIME. Their precious FREE TIME. Read the rest of this entry

Hands Up! :)

Watching Star Golden Bell XDDDD Starting with the SHINee episodes, then onward with SuJu and other groups. OMFG, SO FUNNY. Like, seriously, if you know anything about korean entertainment (as in the people in it), watch it. I’ve been ROTFL the past half an hour. It’s quit the workout for my abs ;)


Also, last week of summer left, so “putcho hands up!” and spend it the best you all can!


SHINee’s Minho in KBS Special: Pianist [Explanation/Summary]

So I know most of you Shawol’s have most likely seen Minho’s acting debut in Pianist, a part of KBS’s drama special that spanned over a few weeks, releasing one part per week. I watched it recently myself (recent being yesterday, LOL) and found that I was at first confused. I read comments and found out I wasn’t the only one. After contemplating the movie and it’s ending, it’s become all clear to me. So, here we go!: (Pretty much, I’ll be retelling the whole film along with explaining…) Read the rest of this entry

Eugene and Ki Tae Young!

OMO. THEY GOT MARRIED. MY BEST DRAMA OTP IS NOW A REAL LIFE COUPLE!!!!!! Haha, I knew about it, but missed the day. The wedding was closed off to the public anyways. They had high profile guests, including Taeyang who sang a song he wrote himself for the newlyweds (called In the Moment, I think?) But omgeee, so cute! They’re off for their honeymoon now! KYAAAA, SO CUTE! Click below to see more pics!

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SHINee’s Hello Baby! :D <3

DAWWWWW, hahahaha, omgee, SHINee! It’s so fun to watch them in Hello Baby, even though I’m only on episode 2. WAHHH, I’m trying so hard to hold my laughter in, I’ve snorted a few times. XD Gahhhh, Jonghyun appa and Key [umma] appa are so fun to watch, but so are Minho, Taemin and Onew appas. Poor Onew, not being able to get close, and lucky Minho, haha, he gets most of the attention from Yoogeun. And lol, some reason, Jonghyun has been constantly rejected the first two eps. ohwell, cute kid :3


You’ve Fallen For Me OST Ringtone :D

Download Links:
Short Chorus:

End Chorus:

Heartstrings/You’ve Fallen for Me Ep 1 and 2 Summary

SOOOO, we’re back with Jung Yong Hwa as Lee Shin and Park Shin Hye as Lee Kyu Won. I’m sure you’ve all heard it, Shin’s the cold-hearted one and Kyu Won is the nice one. Yeah, he’s the rocker, and yes, she’s the traditional one.

We start off the episode with the two of them headed for Jeju Island, Kyu Won with her Grandfather to attend his seminar of some sort and Shin… well, we’re not sure why, drama doesn’t explain much as to why he’s here. Sightseeing I guess? Well, they get some path corssing but they don’t think of it any. We go back to Seoul, and find that Shin is part of The Stupid, along with KANG MIN HYUK OMFG WAHHHH!!!!! XDDDD He’s drummer Yoon Joon Hee, and his alter ego is the bumbling poet who is never satisfied with how much he’s eaten. (aka, 24/7 hunt for food)

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[UPDATE] Daesung’s Car Accident

June 24, 2011: Police have confirmed that the motorcyclist, Hyun, died from Daesung’s hit. Most likely he will be charged, but no detention. Still, this news is a shock to all of us and is definately a blow to Daesung. I hope you all join the rest of us in praying that Daesung recovers from mental shock from this and that we also pray for Hyun’s family as well.