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Rant on Crazy, Over-the-Top- Fangirls

Okay, so we’re all fangirls (or fanboys, I know some fanboys, they’re really cool, lol) here. But to what an extent are you a fangirl? Sure, we squeal in front of the computer whenever we see our biases or OTPs, fan our faces and jump up and down, collect cd’s and/or posters and/or just their songs electronically (for those who are under the unfortunate watch of their asian parents, who never approve of such ‘silliness’); cry when we attend concerts, nearly faint when we attend fan-signings, and go out of our way to pretty much stalk them. But the thing is, we gotta leave them room and all, respect their personal lives, and respect their TIME. Their precious FREE TIME. Read the rest of this entry