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epikhigh- one

epikhigh- one


I AM NOW IN POSSESSION OF A KOREAN ALBUM (OF ANY GENRE AND GROUP/SINGER)!!!!!! AND CNBLUE HAS BEEN GIVEN THE HONOR TO BE THE FIRST ONE!!! hahahahaha, I got First Step today. :DDDD <3333333333333 Because I’ve been an idiot and didn’t realized sooner that H-Mart sold kpop albums….



Alright, picture spam of our boys! :D





Our boys with Katy Perry! Hahaha, she should be honored to be posing with them. But I love her and her songs, so our boys should be honored to pose with her as well. x)

LOL, Seungri sunbaenim, snagging another pic with Katy Perry.

Well, that’s all I have! If you haven’t already heard on me2day or twitter… too bad Lady Gaga didn’t take a pic with them XDDDDD LMAOOO, after her performance, I was thinking of Daesung sunbaenim. He was probably like, [/facepalm/ “Hyunggssss, I can see her butt!! T.T” XDDDDD


OUR BOYS WON! WE FANS DID IT! TOGETHER!!!! WAY TO GO BIG BANG FOR REPRESENTING THE KPOP INDUSTRY! #1 ON TWITTER TRENDS FOR MTVEMA, #1 FOR WORLDWIDE ACTS, #1 IN OUR HEARTS! OUR OT5 IS BACK! Daesung sunbaenim smiled… :) It’s been awhile since we’ve seen that onstage. And lol, they were sittin’ like bosses in their seats. xD

Seungri posted his thanks and gratitude on me2day! (follow me, 2winnie, lol)

Our boys on the carpet :D

Backstage! :D <3

Korean Honorifics and usage, lol…

So I was bored and went back to read my older posts and stuff… when I noticed that I’ve addressed some older females as “noona”. XD [/facepalm] I’m a GIRL. So it should be “unnie” or “sunbaenim” XD TROLOLOLOL. And then sometimes, I want to call older males “hyung” XD Hahahaha, this is a sign that I’ve been spending too much time listening to male artists ^ㅂ^. So yeah, if you ever see my use “noona” or “hyung”… just remember, it’s prolly just me making a mistake. I’m a girl. Yes. I mean, shouldn’t be too hard, considering this place is themed pink…


And, btw, it’s been so longgggg, haha, since I’ve done ANYTHING. I really need to update stuff, and add to my SHINee page. :O I’ll work hard..

Happy 키 Day!

생일축하합니다 키 순배!

Happy Birthday 킴 키붐!

I hope you read this somewhere (because I’m finding every way to get this to you)… It’s a birthday letter, and it’s really heartwarming. I hope it makes your day brighter and spurs you on! 파이팅 키 순배!

“Dear Almighty Key, Diva Key, Key, Kim Kibum,

You are an angel. Every time I see your smile, I smile. Every time I see you looking tired, my heart hurts. Every time I see your tears, my eyes sting. Every time I see you wearing something that only YOU could wear and still look good, I feel proud. 

Your voice, whether your talking, singing, whining, crying, humming, or whatever, is music to my ears. I wish I could hear that voice in person. It’ll happen one day.

You are beautiful. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Not that you would believe them if they did tell you otherwise; you know you’re fabulous and perfect. I love that about you. I learned how to be confident from you. Thank you.

Well Mr. ‘91 liner, you’re 20 now, (21 international age). How does it feel? Do you feel any different? Probably not. You still look like a little boy, and I bet you still feel like a teenager. I wish I could give you a real present, not a little ramble on a website you probably don’t even go on. (It’d be awesome if you did though…) But hey, at least I remembered. I was thinking about you all day. Is Jonghyun gonna give you a really good gift? I bet he is. In the bed. lol i jk. 

Key, I love you. Unfortunately, I’m like 6 years younger than you, I’m not Korean, I don’t live anywhere near Korea, and the chances of us meeting are slim. The chance of you falling in love with me are slimmer still. I won’t lose hope though. And I’ll always love you. Even when I get married and have kids, I’ll bring out your Ring Ding Dong photos and sigh over them and squeal over them and fangirl over them just like I do right now. 

Thank you for being you. Thanks for loving your fans. Thanks for your hard work. You’re talented and amazing, but you already knew that. 

I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you

I’ll love you forever

Happy Birthday Key.

Did I mention that I love you? Because I do. <3”

From my bestie, Sofia, aka TheWiseflower <3



But no promotions and activities until 2012. Just a few more months VIPs! <3